Passing Like a Dream

June 2, 2016

As the light of another shimmering summer begins to warm the coast of Maine, we wanted to show our appreciation to all those who've helped us in passing the simple boating life along to future generations. The most appropriate way we could reflect on this was with one of our favorite songs by Walt Wilkins — Oh for the Shimmering Summer — so we've created a little video as a reflection on the first few years of our adventure together.

We hope you have a wonderful summer.

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-Oh for the shimmering summer . Oh for that light in your eyes . Oh for the sun swept clouds . And sweet blue skies . Oh for the shining river . Oh for our skin in the grass . Oh that the moment had to pass . All the seasons . Round and wild . Passing like the dream through the mind of a child . Before the spell was broken . And the shadow sad and long . Before the wind kicked up . And the light dawned . We sang in that current . That rushed by clear and bold . Like the moment that was ours but not to hold . All these seasons . Round and wild . Passing like the dream through the mind of a child . Oh for the shimmering sun. For that light in your eyes . Oh for the sun swept clouds . And the sweet blue skies


78 Responses So Far to “Passing Like a Dream”:

  1. Paul Bould says:

    This week-end is the Sætre wood boat festival, a great gathering of norwigen and other boats

  2. Ian Anderson says:

    This week our Winter officially starts, and I guess your Summer likewise. Thanks for the lovely vid, it will help me hang in there for the next few months!….

  3. Norman NOLAN says:

    If watching this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’ve either got a hard heart or never experienced the joy of a small boat! Thanks guys. You do it for me every time.

  4. David Earle says:

    The old Herreshoff got her final spring prep today. Five days worth this year because she’s gotten cranky with age and needs humoring. Got a bit cranky myself toward the end but as I left the yard this evening and looked back at her, last sun shining off her white hull and varnish, something came into my heart. Passing Like A Dream reminded me what that was. Sweet.

  5. Bharat Moorthy says:

    Absolutely resonates with me! Feel so lucky to live in Maine with such a strong yachting tradition. I have sailed with friends and family before, but my wife and I just bought our very first sailboat and couldn’t be more excited to join this wonderful community.

  6. Thomas Mitchell says:

    Viewing this video brings back so many good memories of my summer days on the water …… Thanks for the flashback. Hats off to the OCH crew for making these videos happen!

  7. Henrique van Deursen says:

    Missing summer time, now begins our winter … short days weak winds.
    Great video!

  8. Dick Boger says:

    Summer on the water is like mustard on a hot dog!

  9. william biba says:

    The life around the water and on boats Is indeed a wonderful one. Your videos are so well done and I have no doubt they have inspired many to do things that they may not have otherwise done. I’ve grown up and lived my summers on a small island in the great south bay of long island and would not trade it for anything in the world. My parents were fortunate enough to acquire the beach house in 1962 when I was 2 years old. The life lessons I have gained because of that place have served me well to this day. As I begin to prepare for yet another summer the only thing that make me feel bad is the simple fact that more people don’t have access to this kind of life. Lets face it this is a costly lifestyle (I don’t know how long I will be able to sustain it) More needs to be done to make boating and access to the shores and harbors available to all. Not just to those with a thick wallet.

  10. Philip Myer says:

    Watching this video for the umpteenth time thinking wow that is so nice, think I just might have come again.

  11. Al Aosved says:

    On this time between Christmas and New Years with the grandkids still in bed, you created the dreams for this summer! Thanks!

  12. edward mcmahon says:

    This is my favorite video of all with great music too!

  13. Joe DiDomenico says:

    Right now it’s snowing outside, but this video made me forget all about it. Thanks.

  14. Weaver Lilley says:

    What a beautiful, bitter-sweet piece, many thanks.

  15. Mario Basura says:

    Live simply, love deeply. You guys capture it better than anyone. Thank You!

  16. David McKay says:

    I like everything you guys do…..but, this is my favorite. Thank you!

  17. Richard Greenway says:

    Drop everything and see that wood curl into something that is alive on the water and that can carry you places that you have never been.
    A thought after watching the video.

  18. Chris Reck says:

    I really needed that this afternoon. Thanks!

  19. Philip Prather says:

    Thank you, VERY much!

  20. Dan Miller says:

    Thank you for these 3 minutes and 27 seconds. They’ve been a fantastic reminder of why we launch so many boats for so many people. I’ll watch it again when I need another reminder.

  21. Thomas Bassler says:

    I must get back to Brooklin to live in this wonderful little town again. There are no better people in the world that I know of. I love being surrounded by all the boat building yards in the area as well as that wonderful resource the town has called “WOODEN BOAT”.

  22. Tom Haydon. says:

    Smiling in Wisconsin….your videos always put a smile on my face.

  23. Barbara Murphy says:

    If I didn’t live in southern Tasmania I would want to live in Maine.
    Steve – bring Walt with you when you come back to the Australian Wooden Boat Festival next February.
    Thanks OCH – Barb – Hobart

  24. Eigil Rothe says:

    Oh my God. Beautiful, meaningful.

  25. dave lathrop says:


  26. john pyle says:

    My idea of the ideal life for me, thanks.

  27. Geoff Kerr says:

    I was listening to the Red Sox this afternoon and catching up on videos…but after watching this I’m going to run to the shop and do another coat of paint on Ned Ludd. The first trip to Brooklin for 2016 is one week away!

  28. Brian McCoy says:

    Is that an R boat at the very end?

  29. Al Gallant says:

    Every video I watch inspires me to learn more. Your skill set is outstanding. Have been a member for the pass year and am looking forward to another year. Thanks all.


  30. James Cornwell says:

    I was injured in a car crash this spring and temporarily disabled so my boat’s on the hard until 2017. OCH is my sailing fix summer and winter this year. Please keep the wonderful vignettes coming. They’re potent medicine!

  31. John Simlett says:

    Well played the OCH team; glad to be on the same side … albeit the Atlantic Ocean separates us.

  32. frank keville says:

    Nice one more great video

  33. Del Banners says:

    Thank you OCH crew for your unwavering dedication to clear, precise, expert, and quality video production for the love of our boats!

  34. Frank Larson says:

    Wow! Wonderful!

  35. Will Parkes says:

    What is “Schmee”?

    • Steve Stone says:

      Hi Will. Schmee is a word we sorta made up that expresses the undescribable thing thats bigger than the sum of its parts. The gestalt of something.

  36. William Mangum says:

    There is something just wonderfully spiritual about this!

  37. Hans Scholl says:

    Thank you for four years of magic! Congratulations and deep appreciation for what you create at OCH. To a wonderful summer on the water….

  38. Christopher Whaley says:

    Short video with a rich narrative. Every image sends me to another lifetime’s worth of possible memories. Thanks for this great website

  39. Bob Barnett says:

    Love it.

  40. Chris Nelson says:

    May these times never end!

  41. Terry Lent says:

    Thank you for all the beautiful videos. Watching (and studying) your videos has elevated my appreciation of the quality and workmanship in all you do. Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate and be a lifetime member.

  42. Jim Denny says:

    “Maine Magic ” a very popular book written in 1979 by Bill Caldwell comes alive with this terrific video. Great job….. to the crew of Off Center Harbor..

  43. Bryan and Brenda Harris says:

    Ahhhh! ! that was beautiful.
    Summer, although very long and warm this year has gone in New Zealand. We hope to get out for a short sail today, just to stretch her sails. But to see your video brings hope for another summer. Hope you all enjoy the times you have and keep up the good work.
    B.and B. “Mystic Lass” (Alan Wright 11 meter)

  44. Glen Osoling says:

    Suspended In Time…,Thanks O.C.H.

  45. Richard Neall says:

    Fabulous, thank you!

  46. Donald Musselman says:

    OCH brightens my day every time I see one of your video’s. Glad to be a member.

  47. peter strietmann says:

    You rule! It is like a perpetual summer on this site. Thank you very much.

  48. Dennis Lancaster says:

    So Awesome….. loved it! Thank you, thank you!!

  49. Conbert Benneck says:

    Thanks for rekindling lovely memories of all our sailing experiences. One of he best things about sailing were all the wonderful and helpful people that we met on our journeys, and which are immortalized in our log books. Where else could you have a fleeting encounter with a lock tender on the Meuse in Belgium who asked me if I might be able to send him some American stamps; he was a stamp collector. I sent him a large envelope full of American stamps from our Paris office. In return I got the most exquisite thank-you letter from a man who probably only had a Grade School education. It was written as if it were a
    steel engraving, and signed with a flourish that would make Alexander Hamilton jealous.
    Just one of many such memorable encounters. Thanks for the memories..

  50. Don Fraser says:

    PS…. Lead photo in Passing Like a Dream looks like Harry Bryan’s “front yard” (??)

    • Steve Stone says:

      Yep. When the 25-foot tide is out. At high tide, it’s entirely full of water. Mid-tide it runs in and out at one foot every 15 minutes.

  51. Don Fraser says:

    2 years a member. Great videos! So much learned from Eric, Maynard, Geoff et al. Have built a few small boats, but OCH inspired me to take on a Herreschoff COQUINA this year. Looking forward to getting the hull wet…soon!
    Keep up the good work at OCH !

  52. Steven Feinstein says:

    Wonderful videos. I hope a Lifetime Membership is long enough.

  53. Martha White says:

    Beautifully done. Definitely puts a (happy) lump in the throat for the wonderful people and gorgeous places we call home. Grateful to have you recording some of it.

  54. patrick marks says:

    Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. edward mcmahon says:

    Great job and please keep ’em coming!

  56. David Webb says:

    You guys at OCH are the greatest. So Glad I am a member . Keep up doing the wonderful things you do so well. God Bles

  57. David Mowen says:

    Thanks folks! – – – – You bring us a site that energetically reminds us of our core values. Bye the way, I am inspired to get that schooner back in the water with your visions of wooden boats in salt water

  58. George Weinbrenner says:

    The “Fellowship of the Craft”. Not my words but so appropriate for this beautiful video and music.Look at the joy in that little girl’s face as she races her brother. Look at all the shared memories. So nostalgic!

  59. Larry Cheek says:

    Three minutes and twenty-seven seconds reminding me to give thanks, once again, that I’m now living on an island in Puget Sound rather than Tucson, Arizona.

  60. Rick Robinson says:

    This is what heaven must be like….

  61. Paige McIntire says:


  62. Bill Creighton says:

    So sweet… thanks a bunch!

  63. Kent Lewis says:

    Thanks for the video and thanks for helping us fulfill our dreams. Your videos and personal responses to information requests have been extremely helpful as we explore new areas of restoration and building.
    Please be sure to look us up if you travel down to Pensacola!
    Kent and Audrey

  64. EeBee4 says:

    Superb! Best subscription, of many, that I have. OCH wonderfully illuminates all aspects of the love and care of boating. Thank you!

  65. Walter Allan says:

    Brought a tear to me eye… Summer IS wiffleball and sailing! Keep up the great work, OCH!

  66. Jennifer Bunting says:

    Makes me so homesick for Brooklin!

  67. Maggie Hunt says:

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  68. ROB BLACKBURN says:

    Sensational schooners too. Sighs to himself….

  69. Joy Phillips says:

    Its why traveling 11,000 miles from Tasmania to Maine is so worth it — 3 weeks to go. Thanks to all the OCH crew- Philip & Joy -Hobart

  70. Judie Romeo says:

    What a beautiful way to start our summer! Heartfelt thanks to all the OCH crew who bring all of us so many excellent videos and other good stuff all year long.

  71. Charles Hancock says:


  72. Richard Schneider says:

    Thank You!

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