Preview: They Don’t Make Postcards for This—Aboard MIMI ROSE with Guest Blogger Anne Bryant

December 15, 2012

Avatar Guest Author

You can hear Norfolk, Virginia, on the VHF long before you get there. Even a day out, you hear plenty of regular announcements by warships saying how far to stay away from them. It’s enough to envision a small smattering of imposing, slate-gray military boats with security details onboard. Maybe even a couple of helicopters.
Flash foward a couple days to when we entered Norfolk. Now, well within the range of other less-powerful VHFs, I heard a working fisherman politely ask a submarine to please slow down because otherwise their lines would part. I heard a Coast Guard cutter declare that should someone come within a certain distance of them as they move through the main channel, they were authorized to use deadly force. Oh, and then there’s the hovercraft. All I saw was spray and then as it came closer, I could see a super-fast vessel at the center of the maelstrom. I really, really want a ride on one of those now.

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