Preview: My Favorite OCH Videos, by Erik Sayce

May 7, 2013

Avatar Erik Sayce

One hundred videos and counting! As one who has recently and happily come onboard to assist in the editing and content development, I’ve become not only more excited each day, but humbled by the never ending knowledge up for grabs.  With so much to learn and so little time to take it all in, I’ve found these videos crucial in preserving my own boat, and more importantly, in improving my confidence out on the water.

Without further ado, here are my favorite videos so far:

Refastening VITAL SPARK Series

 I list this first because it was responsible for sucking me into OffCenterHarbor’s gravitational field. From only seeing part one of the series, I understood the power of these videos. After working at a boat yard to gain experience in wooden boat restoration, I can honestly say that I learned more from the OCH site in a week then during the entire backbreaking/character-building season at the yard. To see the refastening take place up close, and being able to pause and replay, was a new way to learn boatbuilding. This gave me confidence to try backing out a few screws and get to work refastening my own boat. If I had to guess, I would say that I’ve watched this series at least 5 times, each time picking up something that I missed the time before.

Anchoring Series

After reading so many articles that Maynard has written in WoodenBoat magazine, it was great to finally “meet” him, so to speak. I will be the first to admit (rather shamefully)that I have been sailing my entire life but had no idea how to properly anchor my boat. This is simply because no one ever taught me, and I would never ask out of fear of embarrassing myself. To be able to learn about anchoring from the comfort of my own desk was a new experience for me in boating. I have read countless articles on all facets of boating, but hands down, a video is the best method of explaining the meaning and importance of scope.

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