Preview: Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific – Update #2 from Tom’s Shore Team

September 4, 2022

Avatar The Off Center Crew

The following is a letter sent by Tom Robinson’s Shore Team to the followers on his website You can sign up on his site to receive these updates directly, and we’ll carry them here on OCH as well.

“The Squid Squeeze”

Dear Sponsors, Supporters, Family and Friends,

Since our last missive, Tom in Maiwar has been making progress on a number of fronts.

First, with winds turning more easterly and with the Equatorial current now pushing him along at almost a knot, he has been able to achieve a more westerly course than previously. His plan was always to allow the Humboldt Current and the SE trade winds to push him up towards the equator where the fast-flowing Equatorial Current would help him make his way westward. (See his track up to 9 August and the map of ocean currents below.)​ Nonetheless, many of us viewing his progress were starting to wonder just when that north westerly track he’d been following since he left Lima would turn further west. As those following his tracker know, he has now turned the corner both literally and, as Tom implied in a text to us, figuratively.

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