Preview: Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific – Update #13 – Penrhyn Life, Part 2 – The Home

March 20, 2023

Avatar Guest Author


by Tom “Mahuta” Robinson

Before we venture into anyone else’s home, I had better quell your curiosity regarding my own residence. I have very kindly been accommodated in the brand new ‘Tarakore’ cyclone centre. This building is the largest on the island, save for the Church, and was officially opened less than 12 months ago. It serves as the administration centre for the village of Omoka, as well as being a ather well fitted shelter in the case of a natural disaster. The lower level is mostly open – a handy feature should the lagoon wash right over the island – except for a few offices, tea room, store room and conference room, it’s all very modern and well appointed. Upstairs you will find two large wings, as well as a big kitchen and multiple bathrooms. 

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