Preview: Carol Hasse of Port Townsend Sails

July 19, 2014

Avatar Dustin Urban

By all accounts, Carol Hasse of Port Townsend Sails is a treasure to the wooden boat community, and our time with her has confirmed that Carol’s reputation is well-deserved indeed. She’s logged over 45,000 miles at sea, is a founding member of the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, and is one of the keystones of the pacific northwest’s wooden boat community.

We’ve released two videos featuring Carol, and they rank among our personal favorites here at

Here’s the first, a tour of Hasse’s Nordic Folkboat:

A Good Boat, Up Close — Carol Hasse’s Nordic Folkboat LORRAINE

Carol Hasse

Shooting this video was a special experience; Carol was a natural on camera, and we pretty much turned the camera on, turned the camera off and had the video ‘in the bag.’ Here’s what co-founder and OCH filmmaker Steve Stone had to say about the shoot:

“I’ve been traveling with Eric for a couple years or so shooting these videos now and rarely, if ever, have I seen him rendered speechless. And speechless from awe, no less. Note that it’s over 5 minutes into the video before Eric raises his chin off the cabin sole, composes himself, and tries to find a relevant word to utter. When Carol finished her tour of Lorraine, Eric and I just turned and looked at each other… both in such awe, and with such respect and gratitude… he finally said: ‘What the hell just happened?… Did you GET all that?'”

Our second Carol Hasse video, which takes you inside her sail loft at Port Townsend Sails, was described by one of our members as “a tome for all times.” Whether you dream of high latitude cruising yourself or are simply curious about what goes into a sail built to last several circumnavigations, we trust you will enjoy her thought process and her skillfullness.

Sails for Blue Water Cruising with Carol Hasse of Port Townsend Sails


We’re grateful to Carol for sharing her time and knowledge with our members, and we’re looking forward to shooting more great videos with her at the 2014 Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.

To learn more about Carol and the unique culture she’s fostered at Port Townsend Sails, here’s an interesting documentary we came across:

Port Townsend Sails: A Woman, A Place, A Passion

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