Preview: Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat

July 23, 2014

Avatar Dustin Urban

Here’s a lovely little film about a man who has chosen a simpler life living aboard a 50-year-old wooden boat he restored ‘from a scrap heap.’

His thoughts on choosing a simpler lifestyle over the stresses of a ‘normal’ modern life hit home for us; what about you?

Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat

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A couple favorite quotes from the video:

“For me I think what’s more important than having a big house is having a space that makes me feel good.”

“I think I’m one of the richest people in the world, I feel great… If you think I’m dirtbag, then you don’t understand the lifestyle, and that’s okay with me.”

What do you think of the minimalist, live-aboard lifestyle portrayed in the film?

We’d love to know more about how you feel about these themes… share your thoughts in the comments below.

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