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Preview: L. Francis Herreshoff – Yacht Designer, A Book By Roger Taylor

July 26, 2016

L. Francis Herreshoff (LFH) is one of our favorite designers here at OffCenterHarbor.com, and all of us have had direct or indirect contact with many of the wonderful boats he created, as well as having been educated and inspired by his writings. LFH cast his net of influence wide—way, way beyond us—and it snagged Roger Taylor early, and held him firmly for most of his life.

Those of us who like to read about boats already owe Roger Taylor a lot for all that he published while heading up International Marine Publishing Co., including books by and about LFH. Now there’s even more to be grateful for.

Roger’s calling, in semi-retirement, has been to write a comprehensive biography of his mentor, L. Francis Herreshoff. In this first of two volumes, which takes us up to 1930, and with Mystic Seaport’s assistance as publisher and primary source for plans and photos, Roger has raised the “bar of excellence” to new heights in the marine publishing field.

Listen to the talk he gave at The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle about his new book; its hero, LFH, and some of the boats he designed.

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