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New Zealand’s Mahurangi Regatta – Featuring Chas Bailey’s NGATIRA

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July 6, 2017

Join us for a day on the water at New Zealand’s Mahurangi Regatta, and get a close-up look at the restoration of the Chas Bailey-designed NGATIRA.

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You can learn more about the Mahuranghi Regatta on the regatta's official website.


Courtesy of the Mahurangi Regatta Magazine, we're lucky to be able to share several articles about boats that regularly sail in the Mahuranghi Regatta.

Click the titles below to view the articles in PDF format (the articles may take a few moments to load depending on internet speed).

"NGATIRA Sails Again!" by Stephen Horsley

"WAITANGI - Refreshed for the next generation" by Larry Paul, Skipper.

"Old Lady ETHEL" by Keith Munro

"FRANCES - Auckland's 'Watermelon' Boat" by Iain Valentine

"GYPSY Graces the Gulf" by Michael Marris

"SCOUT in the Baltic" by Sandra Gorter

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8 Responses So Far to “New Zealand’s Mahurangi Regatta – Featuring Chas Bailey’s NGATIRA”:

  1. Avatar Aren Carpenter says:

    Just fabulous footage. I agree that the images flash by and hope the incredible filming talent
    will someday put a full length movie together blending all the best bits with the same sort of narration and music score. Remember the feeling you got watching “The Endless Summer” for the first time? You can call it “The Endless Wooden Boat Show”. And please…..make it endless!

  2. Avatar Radford Hazen says:

    The power boat at 00:14 is absolutely gorgeous! Can you supply any info on her?

  3. Avatar J.D. Bondy says:

    Wish I could be there!!

  4. Avatar Bill Bouldin says:

    Thanks so much, Steve. Even if I can’t I can still get the picture. Great picture.

  5. Avatar Bill Bouldin says:

    Thanks much, Steve.

  6. Avatar Alan Balchin says:


  7. Avatar Ahoi Mench says:

    I love the beautiful photography and the mission of Off Center but this is way too short. The boats and scenes flash by like a commercial, tempting one with a glimpse, without a second to linger, to really see what we are looking at, to note details, to sense the experience of being there. The contrast of a vision of a former era, one slowed down and savored is lost in a hallucination when one would like a deep breath. We never heard the correct pronunciation of the name Ngatira.

    • Steve Stone Steve Stone says:

      It’s “Nah-ti’-ra”. And thanks for the kind words and the orders to return to New Zealand to film up-close videos of many more of these boats. 2019!

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