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Whether you’re looking to alleviate aches and pains or enhance your balance on boats, these yoga for sailors videos were designed with boaters in mind.

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Steve Stone
The Secret to Happiness, Part 2: At Off Center Harbor, we like encourage the ideas of slowing down, getting out into nature in simple boats, and making t...


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Yoga for Sailors, Part 2 – Standing Postures for Strength & Balance: On a boat, balance is very important.  In this session Sally gives us techniques to multiply our balance points four fo...
Yoga for Sailors, Part 1 — Opening the Hips, Legs & Spine: Most of us of a certain age know that being aboard a boat for hours on end can introduce a raft of aches and pains.  Sa...
Balance 101 on Boats – Free Your Feet: Your balance is key to walking and climbing around on unstable docks, dinghies, and boats in motion. Master yoga instruc...


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