AVAILABLE NOW: Building Plans for the Off Center Skiff !

Designed by Capt. Havilah Hawkins in collaboration with Maynard Bray and Eric Blake.

The Off Center Skiff, one of the world's best dinghies, pulled on shore.

“Simplicity afloat is the surest guarantee of happiness.”

Our favorite quote by L. Francis Herreshoff aptly describes this little skiff.

SPECS: Length 13’3″; Beam 4’0″; Weight 125-ish lbs. Two rowing stations, and a total of four seats.
(Actually, there are several more seats on the floor we like to call “lounge chairs.”)

TYPE/CONSTRUCTION: Flat-bottom (cross-planked) skiff. Traditional — cedar planking on oak frames.

PRICE: US$40/ea (includes the cost of shipping anywhere in the world).

SHIPPING: In stock. Ships within 3 business days.

INCLUDES: Plans are on five sheets (11″ x 17″), plus a list of suggested materials.

HOW-TO-BUILD VIDEO SERIES: Membership to OffCenterHarbor.com provides access to the video series.

OTHER DETAILS: Currently the skiff’s plans are for a rowing version, although the drawings for a sailing version may be developed later on. Anyone purchasing plans now can request updates for free, as/if modifications are released. While plywood planking might be frowned upon by purists, it would be possible to build the boat this way. With further modifications, you could even mount a very small outboard or trolling motor on the transom (such modifications are not shown on the plans). Carrying capacity is substantial, but the official USCG-approved number has yet to be determined. We launched the first skiff with all ten kids who did the building aboard, but the boat was clearly overloaded if conditions weren’t ideal. In normal conditions, we believe the skiff can easily handle two adults, two kids, and a the family dog. Maybe even camping gear as well, if conditions are right.

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