Preview: The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why) – Rozinante, Beetle Cat and Scow Schooner

Rozinante: A slim, lightweight hull with a well-balanced ketch or yawl rig, this boat keeps on sailing in the lightest of breezes, and can easily be rowed or sculled. Close-hauled or reaching, you can sail without touching the helm. You can read a book on long tacks without looking up. There is a simple, compact cabin that is just right for two No engine, no fuel tank. Go with the wind and tide.

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4 Responses So Far to “The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why) – Rozinante, Beetle Cat and Scow Schooner

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    Hank Kennedy says:

    My first boat was also a Beetle cat. My sisters and I learned to sail in her on Narraganset
    Bay. I have many fond memories of sailing to and camping on Patience Is., Prudence Is, and Hog Is. We sailed in many a regatta until hurricane Carol destroyed her in 1954. Today, I lust after a Caledonia yawl.

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    Peter North says:

    My first sailboat was a Beetle Cat and in some ways it is a great choice. However, now my favorite boat of that size is the Mirror dinghy by Jack Holt. I recently bought a Compass Classic 14 basically an overgrown fiberglass Beetle with seats, I hope to love it like my first Beetle, 50 years later. For power I lust after an Albury Runabout, wonderfully classic small runabaout, looks like it can take some sea, perhaps better than my 16′ StarCraft aluminum bowrider but not as good as my 21’Seaway Sportsman. The windshield is a nice feature to stop the occasional spray and keep a little warmer when trying to extend the season. Finally, my big boat favorite. I had noticed the motorsailor Burma some years ago in Woodenboat, then stumbled across it on a mooring in Boothbay harbor while running the Seaway around the harbor. The shape of the Burma is particularly pleasing to the eye, nothing quite like it, graceful and powerful at the same time the way a fine RO Davis motorsailor should be. I thought about buying her once and perhaps should have but other commitments got the better of me. I hope to come across her again some day.

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    Brian Connelly says:

    Great list. I am happy to see someone chose a Beetle Cat as one of their three choices.