Preview: The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why)

Boat #1:  Holger Danske

“Lusting” is not a big enough word for it; sometimes I hear this boat calling…

Holger Danske is a famous boat because she won the Bermuda Race in convincing style in 1980. She carries a lot of sai area with her short bowsprit and tal

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6 Responses So Far to “The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why)

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    Charles Zimmermann says:

    Holger Danske is getting a “thorough cosmetic overhaul” to be ready for her 50th birthday. This is proof that boats are female. See Wooden Boat number 236 (January 2014) page 18.

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    Charles Zimmermann says:

    There should be more boats like Mimi Rose. What has happened? As one indication of recent trends, look at Morris Yachts: The Morris 32, Morris 34, and Morris Justine (a 36-foot boat) are no longer in production. There are very few traditional boats of this size (30 to 36 feet) being built from wood. What has happened to the boat building industry? We seem to have day sailers and luxury boats but not a large selection of boats like Mimi Rose. There were more options in the 1960s and 1970s, albeit with a wide range in terms of quality.

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    David Young says:

    Queene, lust is a high standard for this exercise. I could forgo the Old Town canoe, but I have had a long standing prurient interest in the the other two. Great picks!

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    Colin Sarsfield says:

    Being the owner of Mimi Rose for 2 years now, it brings a joy to my heart to find her here. We were able to live aboard and sail the coast of Maine for 2 solid seasons this year and hope for more next year. I totally concur with your statement about her construction details and being a wonderful boat to live on. Even after this much time with the boat, I frequently find new details that cause me to appreciate just how well thought out she is. There are more pictures of her and notes about her adventures on our Facebook page:

    Queene, you’d be more than welcome to come for a sail with us when she’s back in the water.

    Also, if anyone ever should look to be building another boat to this lovely design, I’d be glad to help by giving them access to observe the details of her construction and any experiences I can relate to sailing or cruising on her. I think the design well deserves to be built again, but then again I’m certainly biased. :)

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      Steve Stone says:

      Hi Colin. I grinned as well when Queene include MIMI ROSE. I look forward to watching her again next summer when she’s here on a mooring in the harbor.