Preview: Why Choose A Traditionally Built Boat?

March 3, 2012

Doug Hylan Doug Hylan

The easy answer: So that when you wake up in the morning, sun streaming through a port light, you can admire the beautiful structure – the deck beams, sheer clamp, frames and ceiling – each with a purpose, perfectly sized to it’s requirements, made from the same woods that served the pharaohs, the same metals that the Greeks used for statues of the gods.

traditional wooden boat

LIGHT BREEZE - The L.F. Herreshoff Rozinante design modified by Hylan

Some would have you believe that a plank-on-frame boat is an anachronism in today’s world – if you want a new wooden boat, better get yourself one made of tiny slivers stuck together with petrochemicals. Why have a traditionally built boat? For the samereason that you might prefer to eat at a beautiful mahogany dining table instead of one covered with Formica. Or hand-write a note at a heirloom cherry desk instead of a mass-produced particleboard affair. Anachronisms perhaps, but in this world of accelerating change, traditional objects can help ground us, help us remember that there is more to humanity than the latest thing.

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