Preview: The First of Three Sailing Yawlboats Takes Shape

April 2, 2012

Avatar Eric Blake

There were a few things responsible for getting this project underway. Two of my closest friends needed a small boat to use as a tender for their sailboat, but more importantly a craft in which Jessica could teach herself how to sail. Having spent a season on their lovely Aage Nielsen yawl JESTER that her husband Nico had restored himself over the last ten years, Jessica felt like it was tme for her to really learn to sail. There is nothing like building a small boat, one you are not fearful of hurting because you know it so well including what it is made of, and then teaching yourself how to sail it. The next part of this story (and the reason for building the second boat) is from another pair of dear friends in a slightly different situation. Bob spent last summer building the boat shed of his dreams, and part of that dream involved laying down the lines of a small boat on the loft floor, then seeing the boat take shape to the stage where spruce shavings curled from a jack plane as the spars were being made. Boat number three was for us. Creating these three new boats is what got us through this winter. It’s the one night a week, and half a day on Saturday, that we all do something together—something that with any luck will take us to amazing places this summer. But, as you can see from the photos, we still have plenty left to do.

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