Preview: In the Two Daughters Boatworks Shop

April 15, 2012

Avatar Geoff Kerr

Bare ground for Valentine’s Day is a sad, sad thing in northern Vermont. Not only is the skiing bad, but every mouse on my five acres has decided to hold “Occupy Geoff’s House “ rallies in my kitchen.

While I would rather be skiing, there is fortunately plenty of work to be done in the Two Daughters Boatworks shop. Just after the holidays I tore into a prototype project for Chesapeake Light Craft. John Harris has designed a really sweet 16’ outboard skiff, dubbed “Peeler” for the molting phase of the Blue Crab (Sooks and Jimmies anyone?).

Six weeks of steady work and hundreds of photographs later the boat is now getting painted and varnished. The photos will be incorporated into another of CLC’s wonderfully detailed instruction manuals, and this hull, once Coast Guard tested, will become the demo/showboat for the CLC fleet. It is exciting to be shipped a stack of unlabeled parts and turned loose to see what happens. Fortuately for all concerned, John’s kits are much like the old Timex commercial: You just have to shake them up a bit and they fall together. Even so, we’ve had some back and forth discussions because there still are some things that a computer can’t do and a Luddite can.

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