Preview: Herstory Matters: the Spidsgatter Pax

April 21, 2012

Avatar Kaci Cronkhite

Every wooden boat has a story…

The main character is usually the designer or her most famous owner. From there the story usually moves to objective details. Age, weight, height, shape, and all the equipment. Then come the pictures. Sound like

spidsgatter pax

Photo: Michael Berman (

When Pax arrived in Port Townsend I knew five things for sure about her. She was a curvy double-ender (ah, those pictures), 28’ feet long, built in 1936, and her owner was a man from Canada on his way to get an MFA. A tragic fire had burned out her interior whileshe was in San Francisco Bay. But the pictures of her stern, her sheer, and her buxom beam overcame that little detail. She was gorgeous. The scars inside wouldn’t matter. After just one date we got married.

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