Preview: Learning from Experience; My Biggest Disaster and What it Taught Me.

I was single-handing a Phil Bolger Black Skimmer from Juneau to Seattle. The waters were deep and cold, even when I lucked out and sailed predominantly in a high-pressure bubble of blue sky and warm temperatures. I generally sailed wearing just shorts or sometimes with no clothes. Inthis 1,200-mile passage, you see more icebergs than other vessels.

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3 Responses So Far to “Learning from Experience; My Biggest Disaster and What it Taught Me.

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    Eric Blake says:

    Thanks for the story, an amazing one at that!

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    Karl Bischoff says:

    Thanks for sharing, Dick. I, too, am a singlehander. The boat I am currently building is with that in mind… 30′ Murray Peterson schooner. Small enough, and with enough small sails, that I won’t get caught with a giant genny up. I have a friend that moved to Juneau with his boat. hmmm, maybe a visit via water someday?

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    Wyatt Lawrence says:

    Sounds like an amazing voyage – I’ll remember the lesson and pass it on!