Preview: A Simple Electrical System for the Herreshoff S-class Sloop Mischief

July 9, 2012

Avatar Maynard Bray

From earlier posts, you may already know that MISCHIEF is one of the Herreshoff S-class sloops and that she was recently restored by Brooklin Boat Yard. These boats’ cockpits are deep and not self-bailing, so any rainwater that collects has to be pumped out. For MISCHIEF, there’s a 12-volt bilge pump powered by a battery that’s kept charged by a solar panel. The only other component of her very basic electrical system is her masthead navigation light. Here’s a look at as simple a system as you’re likely to find—and one that is all that many boats ever need.

In the following videos Eric Blake queries Ronnie Billings, the man who designed and built this system (and many others, much more complex), beginning with a description of the bulkhead-mounted panel.

In this next video, Ronnie and Eric talk about the battery and the solar panel that keeps it charged, as well as the 800-gph bilge pump.

Finally, here’s a discussion of the schematic diagram that shows how all the components hook together.

For your further pondering, here are the still photos that showed up on Ronnie’s computer screen as well as his schematic wiring diagram.


Marine Electrical System Panel Face

Panel Face

Herreshoff S-class Electrical System - Bulkhead Back

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