Preview: The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why)

To tell you the truth, I don’t really lust after boats very much any more. So I’m going write on behalf of some other people who still do.


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3 Responses So Far to “The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why)

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    Duncan Spencer says:

    I owned Jilt for several years after rescuing her from a girly on 700 acre island, Islesboro, ME. She was a fantastic flyer with a huge main, but as stiff as a steeple because of her deep fin and bulb (well,not exactly) keel. NGH had fashioned two bronze plates to support the wooden structure from which this large teardrop of lead was suspended. It was said she was the first independent rudder design of NGH..I knew who she was because of Clinton Crane’s book and the Emery family who owned her at their summer home near Dark Harbor..sailed her ’59 to ’63 and loved every terrifying minute of her overpowered, kite-like life. But I sold her unavoidably. Halsey H told me she may be restored to glory- but thrills a-plenty await any millionaire who wants to build her twin. I bought her for $800.. She makes the “normal” NGH designs look like old ladies at tea. JILT, I love the name, was sheer speed and joy.. Duncan Spencer

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    Stephen Weld says:

    As you Know, the LFH rowboat has had a number of interpretations, notably by John Gardner, and also by Alan Vaitses, who built a close interpretation of the LFH body plan, and found it wet in a head sea. I lesser-known variant was made by Californian John DeLapp and called the American River Skiff. He drew it at seventeen feet, and, wanting a boat which I could get from the ground to my shoulders with a canoe-style lift, I re-spaced the stations to get a 15′-6″ boat, and asked John Brooks to build her. She weighs 72 pounds, just what I had hoped, and is very pretty, a great pleasure to use, and to see hanging in slings in my shed. I have a drawing of two 11 x 17 sheets which provides basic shape and arrangement details, if anyone is interested.

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    Carol Cronin says:

    Glad to hear that Andy is lusting after a boat you consider totally impractical. No wonder you guys get along so well. Thanks for the nice post!