Preview: The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why) – The Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 25, Herreshoff 12.5 & Whio

I’ve had the good fortune to sail on dozens of different boats over the years ranging from 140 foot schooners to lightweight flyers; from sluggish heavy overloaded live-aboard cruisers to open race boats. This was because we did deliveries, raced with friends, and accepted almost every invite to sail on other peoples’ boat. That’s been enough to convince me that the two yachts Larry and I built and then used for voyaging were almost perfect for us: ultimately seaworthy, very maneuverable under sail in tight quarters, amazingly quick in light airs, simple to maintain, and affordable. But three other boats that have caught my eye are all appropriate for far different reasons.

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9 Responses So Far to “The Three Boats I Lust After (and Why) – The Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 25, Herreshoff 12.5 & Whio

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    Paul Gilbert says:

    I have had the priveledge of sharing most of Whio’s voyages and have published a book on Blurb
    Voyaging Cake
    documenting her and aspects of voyaging the N.E. Coast of NZ.

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    t frank collins says:

    I’m heading to Maine in September and hope to see some of these and/or similar designs. Any suggestions for a Mississippi sailor heading north for a week?

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      Steve Stone says:

      Hi Frank. Somehow we missed your question in time to answer for your trip, but we’re working on an answer for you, and for all OCH members who may travel this direction. Stay tuned.

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    Sandy & Sidney van Zandt says:

    We have just returned from a visit with the Bergesons at Isle au Haut.
    Most people I know who have had experence with the original Buzzards Bay 25 feel that
    Lloyd’s modifications to the origional N.G. Herreshoff design were significant improvements.
    I have sailed on Ariea (an original) as well as Tor Hund and I believe Lloyd got it very right.

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      Steve Stone says:

      Thought I’d give context for the weight of Sandy’s comment above… for those of you who may not know, Sandy van Zandt was founder of van Zandt Sails and he was the rock star of making boats go fast back in the day. As I’m told by credible folks who are in the know… “Anyone who wanted their boat to go fast went to Sandy to make their sails and get their rig right. He is a genius at knowing what makes a rig work.”

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    Hal Schendel says:

    I would have enjoyed the presentation more,as a novice of 84, if there were pictures.. I know we can’t have everything we want,so this presntation was most enjoyable. Thanks..

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    Michael Aspinwall says:

    The author could have narrowed his sailing choices further by looking between the BB 25 and the 12 1/2 to Alerion! However I don’t disagree that they are great choices all are great choices.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Great choices!@

    I had a hand in lofting Tore Hund and was glad to see her built and afloat at one of the Eggemoggin Reach Regattas, but I’ve always wanted to sail one with one of the BB 25s in an original rig. A few years before that lofting exercise, a 12 1/2 needed restoration (and sailing) and she behaved just as you say.

    Whio is a beautiful design.

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      Peter Gossell says:

      I have just joined and this was the first video I chose to watch.FANTASTIC! I am not dissapointed How about a Murry Peterson Coaster?