Preview: Barefoot August

August 1, 2012

Steve Stone Steve Stone

As you may know, our boating philosophy at can be summarized in one word — simplicity.

L. Francis Herreshoff said it best…

“Simplicity afloat is the surest guarantee of happiness.”

When I grab a t-shirt out of my dresser, my first choice is almost always one of my “LIVE SIMPLY” t-shirts if there’s one clean.

Remember the days as kids when we all just ran out the door to play? There was no need to stuff our pockets and purses with car keys, wallet, phone, and reading glasses. Shoes? Why bother?

I own a Nutshell Pram. It’s a about the simplest sailing vessel a person can own.

And yet, if I’m honest with myself, “living simply” is more elusive in my own life han I like to admit. Despite my efforts to keep life simple, living simply is often more of a romantic notion than a daily practice. Perhaps I should have a t-shirt that says: “Live Fast and Complex.”

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