Preview: Whatever Floats

September 6, 2012

Avatar Peter Neill

I was on vacation, suspended in the supportive water of the ocean, and thinking of what it means to float—or to displace a volume of fluid with my own volume and to be able to relax, think, feel, even move myself gently from one place to another with little or no purpose.

My thoughts turned to whatever ele can float. There are the obviously small craft, boats, ferries, and ships that ply the ocean in pursuit of transport or trade or recreation. These were all around me. They were amended by other functional manifestations – like the floats for gear and bait that serve the lobstermen and women on the Bay. The lobsterboats come and go, tying up momentarily to off-load catch, on-load bait. The lobsters are stored in blue plastic crates, often floating within the physical confines of the dock as if the entire enterprise were supported by the fecundity of the local harvest. Which, of course, it is.

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