Preview: An Exotic Vacation, Only a Day’s Drive Away—or, Call Me Ishmael

September 20, 2012

Avatar Geoff Kerr

One of the two daughters and I took a few days off during the last week in August. She fleeing the last gasps of the DC summer, me making lemonade out of a cancelled class. Our options were 1. to (finally) build the deck on the back of the house, or 2. to take a long-postponed graduation present trip to the Saguenay River.  Building a deck seemed too much like work, so off we went to Quebec to hunt for the great white whale or, more accurately, lots of little white whales.

Saguenay River

The Saguenay flows into the St. Lawrence from the north, meeting the larger river about three hour’s drive east of Quebec City, making it an easy day’s drive from our northern Vermont home. The smaller river flows through a magnificent fjord for its final forty miles, and the junction of the two rivers combine temperatures, salinities and topogrphy to create a maritime farmer’s market that routinely attracts seven or more species of whales for what I can only imagine they think of as their summer vacation.

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