Preview: Walkabout at Brooklin Boat Yard, Part 2 – 10/5/12

Brooklin Boat Yard 47' Daysailer LARK

I can’t help but feel that I threw you all off a cliff last week, freefalling into construction details of an unknown craft here at Brooklin Boat Yard. Here is a shot of the new boat’s sister named LARK, a 47′ cedar-and-carbon fiber daysailer we built last winter shown romping up Eggemoggin Reach on her trial sail with the owner atthe helm, grinning ear-to-ear. The success of her maiden summer has brought orders for two more. It is the construction of this new pair as well as the construction of a 70′ cold-molded sloop that I will be blogging about over the winter. I also hope to throw in a few of the random bad ass-boats that flow through this yard as I can catch them. With ten men on the two 47s and a total of sixty employed at the yard, a lot happens in a week’s time. I will do my best to document the mayhem.

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    Paul Cambreleng says:

    I’m really enjoying the pictures and discussions. As a more than 20 year subscriber to Woodenboat, its nice to see some of the things I’ve read so much about. Additionally, while in Maine on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a copy of A Unit of Water, A Unit of Time, and it’s great to see pictures of some of the boats described in the book. For those of us who are landlocked would-be builders and sailors, these videos are just great!