Preview: Boatbuilding: Instruction in the Art of Life—A Guest Blog by Lawrence W. Cheek

November 1, 2012

Avatar Guest Author

I come from El Paso, a godforsaken desert city where no one thinks about boats. After misspending my first 18 years there, I passed the next 25 years in Tucson, where the sole boat story I encountered was an illustration of certifiable lunacy: During a flood of historic proportions, a friend strode to the lip of a monster arroyo a quarter-mile wide, kayak on shoulder—and launched.

After I moved to Seattle in 1996, I could hardly help thinking about boats: I didn’t have one, but they were everywhere. I soon had two life-altering boating experiences. First, I took up sea kayaking. Then in 2001 a travel magazine assigned me to visit the region’s two wooden boat festivals, one on Seattle’s Lake Union and the other inPort Townsend, and see what the fuss was about.

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