Preview: Three Tricks of the Trade That I Think Others Should Know About, by Kaci Cronkhite

Managing a large event is a lot like sailing across an ocean. Both require the balancing of big bodacious dreams, piles of detailed plans, and are exponentially improved with the influx of an energetic, engaged and inspired crew.

When I took the helm of Port Townsend’s Wooden Boat Festival, I’d just comleted a circumnavigation. Life at sea seemed hopelessly far away and sometimes painfully full of contrasts to land life in America.  Buoyancy was replaced by rigid terra firma; four-hour sleep cycles were replaced by eight and shoved altogether into the night; people and noise and smells were everywhere! At times, it made me crazy.

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3 Responses So Far to “Three Tricks of the Trade That I Think Others Should Know About, by Kaci Cronkhite

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    JOHN DUGGAN says:

    I just watched your wonderful video about the lovely PAX and followed along to your wise comments on managing big projects. Having spent the past three summers trying to organize up to a dozen people to join me at various stages of extensive cruises to the Atlantic Islands (Azores, Canaries, Madeira) from my home base near Lisbon, Portugal, I really appreciate your comments. We faced lots of challenges and mixed weather but the biggest joy is coming away from it with the feeling that everybody really enjoyed themselves and had a memorable experience. You have to give a lot of yourself but you get a lot back. If you only focus on yourself, it just doesn’t work.

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      Thanks for your kind words, John and congratulations on the projects! I am forever grateful to the boats and crews who’ve helped me see that truth so clearly – often while facing the toughest challenges of my life.