Preview: How to Make a Dyneema Loop, by Claas van der Linde

Note from OCH: We were so impressed with the grommet used by Claas van der Linde in the Anchoring 3 video aboard ALERA, that we asked Claas if he would give us instruction on how to make a Dyneema Loop for our own boats. Here’s a guest blog rom Claas:

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One Response So Far to “How to Make a Dyneema Loop, by Claas van der Linde

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    Jack Nobel says:

    It is less expensive and much easier to use 12 strand Vectran braid which has good UV stability without the need for a cover. Tucking each end as shown works well but rather than sewing as shown a series of three or 4 sewn whippings around the circumference has the advantage of making the outer fibers tightly grab the inner ones [which have become like a core] like a Chinese finger trap, in addition to the through sewing thread strength, to prevent slippage. Hamilton carries it in various diameters and occasionally puts the Vectran on sale. Even with the whippings they are very supple.