Preview: Walkabout at Brooklin Boat Yard, Part 8 – 2/13/13

How many clamps does it take to build a 70-foot cold-molded hull? All of them. There must be close to 300 clamps of various types here at the boatyard and oftentimes every one of them is being used. We have seen in previous posts how components such as ring frames and stems are laminated on the loft floor by being bent around brackets screwed to thelofted lines. Now, at this stage, the bulkheads and frames have been stood up on the strongback so that larger parts such as the sheer clamps and keelson can be laminated right over the setup. The starboard sheer clamp, being glued in place here, is made up of five layers of 3/4″ mahogany. Each layer is scarfed to its 70’ length on the bench first, then laminated into a large stack, wrapped in plastic, and clamped around the setup at the sheerline. It takes quite a few people to get this task done before the glue sets up.

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2 Responses So Far to “Walkabout at Brooklin Boat Yard, Part 8 – 2/13/13

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    jeff Nicholas says:

    When rolling the hull do they do it inside or out, with a crane or other device and the overhead doors look a little close do they have to tilt to get it out.


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    Scott Dempsey says:

    When guests enter my shop they comment on how many clamps. I tell them first rule; you never have enough clamps.