Preview: Three Cruiser Friendly Towns in a Row; Aboard MIMI ROSE with Anne Bryant

North Carolina, for us, was all about locating and enjoying its ICW stops that boast free docks and sometimes even cruiser get-togethers. Here are three places we’ll be telling stories about for a long time:

Elizabeth City

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5 Responses So Far to “Three Cruiser Friendly Towns in a Row; Aboard MIMI ROSE with Anne Bryant

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    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    Hi Anne,
    I’ve enjoyed following your trip via your blogs, and in this one I particularly liked your story of Christmas Eve in Oriental. I made a much more rushed trip down the ICW in Fall 2006, so didn’t stop in Oriental, but found Beaufort (NC) to be the same sort of cruiser-friendly port. I remember a Christmas parade (albeit a bit early in the first week of December) on the water through the harbor. People really decked out their boats with lights and even trees! Glad to hear you found the Backstreet Pub, where I have fond memories of the bartender teaching our crew to play dominoes and then giving us the set :) As Paul said, definitely don’t miss the maritime museum on your way back, and if not much has changed in six and a half years, they have a car on loan there for cruisers needing to provision.
    Fair winds and calm seas!

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    Eigil Rothe says:

    Great story. I thought I recognized the Mimi Rose. She was for sale not too long ago (anything less than 10 years!). If I recall correctly Swifty built her hull and Bill Page finished her. I remember Swifty talking about getting that job. I worked for Swifty just out of college (UNH) for a year at the Great Bay Marina in Newington, NH. he was one of the most decent people I have ever known. Thanks for the memory.

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      Anne Bryant says:

      Hello Eigil- great memory and you’re correct. Swifty built her hull in NH and Bill Page commissioned the design and finished building her in Maine. When we encounter people who have known Gordon Swift, they always have good stories to tell about him and his work. I went to UNH as well, and grew up in NH. I know Great Bay Marina well because my dad would work there on occasion with the NHDES. Thank YOU for the memory.

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    Paul Behnken says:

    Beaufort’s another sweet place. Great harbor, museum, friendly people.

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      Anne Bryant says:

      Paul- I loved Beaufort (bow-fort, the NC one) :) and I look forward to being able to see the museum on the trip back up north. We were only there two days. Maybe I’ll write a little something when we go so I can give you the news of how things are going there. Here’s no surprise: the current in the anchorage is WICKED, and the Backstreet Pub is still the most fantastic hole in the wall. I’m new to the whole thing (this is our first time down the ICW) and will enjoy going back. Would love to hear your suggestions for things we shouldn’t miss!