Preview: Urban Outlaw and Porsche Passion

Classic boats have been my passion for as long as I can remember. Sketching boats instead of listening to teachers kept me off the honor role, and owning a steady stream of them since then has kept us fired up and busy. Anne and I are still as boat-crazed as ever, but there’s also room for classic cars like Porsche 911s.

KERMIT is my 1970 Targa’s name, and besides the color, you have only to look at this car’s face to understand why. I bought KERMIT for it’s style and simplicity—and because it’s so much fun to drive, even at 50 or 60, which is where I am most of the time. We don’t race.

Just down the streetis Shawn McKay’s Affordable Performance Motors—a lucky break, because Shawn is an exceptional mechanic who specializes in Porsches. (His “family car” is a bright red 911 coupe.)

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8 Responses So Far to “Urban Outlaw and Porsche Passion

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    John Simpkins says:

    Wow…Magnus Walker…another incredible example in following your bliss from OCH.

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    Robert Scribner says:

    Well, certainly a vintage Porsche is a great classic car to own but there are other German cars of similar ilk. Although the fleet, as I call it, demands most of my attention there is also a classic car hanging around for Sunday drives. Unfortunately the oars to the dinghy don’t fit into it very well so it seldom goes down to the harbor. Wish I could add a picture …

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    tom bergeron says:

    i was born in dover, nh and hope to eventually get a macintosh boat. perhaps something a bit smaller than your 25. his boats are all just remarkable.
    my friend, judy hawk, in huntington beach, ca has a 1971 911 targa bought new and maintained by a family friend who owns a german car repair shop. how handy!

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    Steve Stone says:

    Well I guess the secret’s out… that pink hat’s been hiding Maynard’s dreadlocks. Can’t wait til they’re unveiled from the pink Kirby hat. Thanks for this one Maynard — kindred spirits … worlds apart.

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    PERFECT!…what a combo maynard. When I was a little kid my dad salvaged a sunken 45 foot ferro cement sail boat for a fun weekend adventure, then towed it with the family wooden fishing troller and traded it for a porsche 914. by the time I was 16 I had two international 110’s and a 1938 ford pickup, still have the truck but upgraded my boat.

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    Geoff Wade says:

    I like the way you think Maynard, I’ve got a 997 and an almost finished haven 12 1/2. And I hide canoes and kayaks around my yard so no one can figure out just how many I own. The boat shed is just to throw people off so they stop looking for more………..