Preview: My Favorite OCH Videos, by Bill Mayher

As we reach toward putting our 100th video on the OCH site, it’s been interesting and fun to review what we have done so far. it’s also been difficult to pick out a few favorites.  From the outset, we wanted to have our videos do the talking (so to speak) and in this regard we have succeeded.  Instead of telling, they show.  And then, often, they go even deeper.

Quick repair of stem and plank ends

Take the early video we did on the converted lobsterboat CHARLENA’s stem repair. Right off, we see boatbuilder Eric Blake analyze the problem and establish his goals for the repair. We see the tools he brings to the job, the techniques he employs to cut out the rot and fill the resulting goneness with wood and epoxy. Then, of equal importance, we see his easy partnership with his young son as Cyrus climbs into the picture to swing a mallet and help chisel away of rotten wood. Finally, we understand that this is no repair for the ages, but that summer is a fleeting thing and it might be more important to get friends and family out on the water than to make an offshore-worthy fix on a boat that will never again go there.

Blade sharpening, Part  1, with Harry Bryan


Another of my favorites is of Harry Bryan sharpening plane blades. Right off, we see how comfortable Harry is in his shop, how precise his thinking is, how clearly the camera revels the split second when cold steel hits the spinning grinding wheel. And then (the deeper part), as he goes on to say: “we’re not shooting for perfect here, good enough to shave with, yes, but not perfect because you’re bound to hit something like a screw or old paint and then have to do it all over again.”

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    Craig Tyrie says:

    Viewed all of the videos of building a canoe…what a treat to see first hand how it’s really done by a professional Outstanding presentation!

    Great Blue Hill Sail & Power Squadron