Preview: My Favorite OCH Videos (and Why), by Video Editor Kevin Ross

April 30, 2013

Avatar Kevin Ross

When I first came on board here at OffCenterHarbor we were working hard to get enough videos completed to launch the site, and while I thought boats sounded interesting, I really didn’t have any ‘leanings’ toward them to speak of. I was a video editor for hire and this seemed like a cool gig. That beginning is all a blur now, and with 100 videos to choose from, considering which three videos stand out as my favorites is a daunting task. But as editing has happily taught me: once you get started it just sort of flows.


Sliding Seat Rowing in a Wherry

The first video that comes to mind is Sliding Seat Rowing in a Wherry. The only bit I knew about boats when I began working here was from many years ago when I took a week or two of rowing lessons in a sliding seat boat from a local farmer—and fell in love with the whole experience. Though I didn’t continue for lack of a boat, a busy schedule, and letting life in general get in the way, I always knew I would someday make it back to the water. Every time I look at this video it fires up that warm feeling and I start thinking about rowing again. (Incidentally, this was the first video I worked on here.)


A Boatbuilder’s Schmee – Wayne Robert

The Second video on my list is 

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