Preview: My Favorite OCH Videos, by Maynard Bray

Initial Thoughts and Hopes

There’s so much great boating stuff taking place these days that sharing it has more than just interested me. One of my goals has been to explain to others how experienced boat builders and users do what they do so well, so simply, and with such ingenuity.
Words alone can go only so far, and have to be accompanied by pictures to really get the point across. But even then if dynamics like body language, rapid motion, and sound are a critical part of the story—and can’t be conveyed—the “student” is out of luck.
When low-cost video became an option and, finally, both critical motion and what was being said could be conveyed, it opened for me a world of possibilities. And, beyond being able to teach stuff in a way like never before, video provides an overall “feeling” that’s quite different from still photos and written words. So, becoming involved with OffCenterHarbor was for me a no-brainer.

Current Thinking

Now that we’re well into our second year with one hundred videos behind us, I feel just as enthused and see even more ways to share what we see around us that’s boat-related and useful to others.

Favorite Videos to Date:

Fox Canoe series: It’s really hard to beat this as a viewer-friendly batch of casually instructional videos. Even a professional can pick up ideas, and how can a beginner possibly resist “going and doing” after watching Bill?

Refastening VITAL SPARK Series

This 3-part series tackles what most wooden boat owners will someday face. Whether these owners decide to do the work themselves or hire someone else, John and Pat give an excellent understanding of just what’s involved.

Blade Sharpening:

Harry Bryan’s “good enough” sharpening that’s quickly accomplished makes practical a process whose description is usually way overdone. Harry clearly differentiats between the needs of boatbuilders and cabinet makers.

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2 Responses So Far to “My Favorite OCH Videos, by Maynard Bray

  • Avatar

    Tom Witter says:

    I’ve seen them all, along with many repeats to pick up additional “pointers”. I still consider myself a novice boatbuilder, however definitely advancing in my knowledge and skill since the launch of OCH. Thanks Maynard and the rest of the crew!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Thanks for ALL the videos! I have many yet to view!