Preview: Jim Payne’s Crooked Nutshell Oars

Our friend Jim Payne has one of the early “big” Nutshell Prams, the 9-footer, with a sailing rig. A few years ago he decided to tweak the oars so they’d stow out of the way against the hull while he was sailing. It’s a neat idea that can apply to other sailing dinghies besides Nutshell Prams. Here’s a photo, and below it, Jim’s description. Thanks, Jim, for sharing this.crooked nutshell pram oars

“The oar that’s outboard to port is shown in the sailing position—resting in the thwart-stowed oarlock, and tucked behind the lifejacket pouch/backrest. The other oar is laying alongside it here just to give you an idea of the curve.  (It’s normally stowed in the oarlock on the opposite side of the boat.)

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2 Responses So Far to “Jim Payne’s Crooked Nutshell Oars

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    Wes Reddick says:

    Nice shape JIm. I like that you’re thinking outside the box by thinking inside the boat!

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    Steve Stone says:

    May have to try this on MAYA, the Nutshell in so many OCH videos. Sure like the cushion hanging up in perfect position for “schnooking” (hunkering down across boat amidships with neck resting on one rail and feet up on the other). And it’s up out of the bottom so it stays dry when rain swashes around in the bilge.