Preview: Good Reads: Recommendations by Geoff Kerr asked our guides to share their favorite books that should be in every boater’s library…

Here are classics that live on my bedside table, poised to be sampled or reread at least annually:

Para Handy, by Neil Munro
(Published by Birlinn Ltd; various editions available)

This collection of seafaring tales centers on the VITAL SPARK, a minor steam lighter working out of Glasgow, Scotland, in the early decades of the 20th century. The collection originally appeared serially in The Glasgow Evening News, and comprises a fascinating commentary on then current events, maritime affairs, Scottish culture and the scapades of the title character, the captain of a barely functional crew. The tales are short, hilarious, and ever so believable. I read a story or two every night, then go back to the beginning and read them again.

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5 Responses So Far to “Good Reads: Recommendations by Geoff Kerr

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    Rob Roy says:

    Hi Geoff, Thanks for your videos and posts. I’m working toward a CY build. One of these days…

    I share your love of Swallows and Amazons, which I discovered in middle school (late Primary School down here in Australia). Did you see the 2016 movie adaptation? Not exactly the same story, but still captured the spirit of the book nicely.

    • Avatar

      Geoff Kerr says:

      I’ll noodle around and find the film. Thanks for the tip. We’ve just had two weeks of bitter cold, even by Vermont standards (-34C one morning!). I celebrated by rereading “Winter Holiday” from the S&A series whilst lounging under my down comforter.

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    Tim Greenwood says:

    Hi Geoff
    I hope you remember me. We shared a dock at the boat show in Mystic. I’ve got the CY North Star. I’ve sailed her now for 4 years but this windy spring for the first time, I’ve been experimenting with some extra ballast in the bilge to help keep her on her feet. What is your experience and opinion on this? Hope to see you again.
    Tim Greenwood

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    Chris Callahan says:

    I have watched your painting video and your recommendation for two coats of non thickened epoxy before priming and painting. I am prepareing to paint my Shellback built from a kit and no one else has suggested the two clear coats of epoxy. Can you tell me why you do this?
    Chris Callahan

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    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    Swallows and Amazons is one of my all-time favorite books! Not sure I would have gone to sea if I hadn’t lived and breathed that series as a kid :)