Preview: Good Reads: Recommendations by Harry Bryan asked our guides to share their favorite books that should be in every boater’s library…

I can’t seem to get comfortable with the idea of telling someone what books should be on his or her shelf, so I will tell you what are the three most dog-eared books on my own shelf:

Boatbuilding, by Howard Chapelle


I am on my second copy, the first having been bought 45 years ago in Sydney, Australia.  It served as an escape from military life on an icebreaker in Antarctica.

Building ClassicSmall Craft

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2 Responses So Far to “Good Reads: Recommendations by Harry Bryan

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    Peter Sibley says:

    I thought I’d see the Nearing’s,”Living the Good Life”, one of my all time favorite books and one that had a strong effect on me.

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    Ted Christ says:

    Good to see Bud’s book in your favorites. My approach, however, came through meeting and corresponding friendship with Sam Manning. Bud wrote a book that does more for naval understanding than any other. And Sam’s enormous group of drawings (several to almost every page) show an uncanny perception of the three dimensions of any vessel. Just a look at “pictures” of boats done by an otherwise talented artist will show how incredi-bly difficult to have all the curved lines turn into a true perspective drawing. I was too late to know Bud – wish I had – but just getting this close was a blessing.

    Ted Christ