Preview: BONNY BRIDE Progress — Restoring a Wooden Lobster Boat, Part 2

December 13, 2013

Avatar Walt Ansel

Replanking a Grand Manan Wooden Lobster Boat

With the new cockpit knees in place, I got into some serious butt chasing. No, not what you think. Rather it consists of removing old planks to achieve some semblance of plank end stagger so that the rebuild will be strongly knitted to the original hull. Novi boats do not seem to follow the rule of threes—that is, three frames between neighoring plank butts or three planks between butts in the same frame bay. Perhaps with the frames being so close together it doesn’t matter. Certainly BONNY BRIDE did not appear to suffer any hull weakness except where there was rot. During butt chasing I discovered a good-sized carpenter ant’s nest in the forward bulkhead, and sprayed it, which quieted activity down considerably.

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