Preview: The Long Affair: David Bradley and his Herreshoff S-Boat MISCHIEF. A Guest Blog by Ben Bradley

Introduction by Bill Mayher, Co-Founder of OCH

Dave Bradley was a hero to a lot of us here in Brooklin.  A great sailor, a good friend and story teller, a warm-hearted host who welcomed a lot of us to his cottage on the shore, just when the sun was passing over the yardarm. Most of all, however, Dave Bradley was the skipper of a boat called MISCHIEF, a boat that we all loved.

Dave Bradley aboard his Herreshoff S-Boat MISCHIEF
Good boats are born good boats, and Dave’s Herreshoff S-Boat MISCHIEF was surely one of these.  But good boats can become great boats because of the way in which they are used, and no one used a boat better than Dave used MISCHIEF.  From the time he was sixteen to the year before his death at ninety-three, Dave sailed the bejeezus out o MISCHIEF from Cape Cod to the Bay of Fundy. He was a lucky man and she was a lucky boat.

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4 Responses So Far to “The Long Affair: David Bradley and his Herreshoff S-Boat MISCHIEF. A Guest Blog by Ben Bradley

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    David Hubbard says:

    A photo of Mischief was my computer wallpaper much of last year while IYRS restored Misty (Now “Clara J”) for me. This was a wonderful story. If I have a quarter of the experience that Dave and family had I will count myself very lucky!

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    Thomas Morgan says:

    Stories like this keep our spirits up while our sail boat waits under a pile of snow at Yarmouth for Spring and ride on the Reach.
    Thank you

  • Avatar

    Martha White says:

    What a beautiful piece, Ben! Thank you so much. We have many wonderful memories of your folks, not only in Mischief, but at the house and in the sauna…and always with a great deal of humor. And mussels!

  • Avatar

    Ben Emory says:

    Dave and Mischief — wonderful pair! He also was superb professor of “business English” to MBA students. I learned much from Dave.