Preview: All At Sea

April 28, 2014

Avatar Karen Sullivan

Here’s a brief excerpt from Karen Sullivan’s book in progress, chronicling the transpacific voyage she and Jim Heumann made aboard their Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, SOCKDOLAGER.

Sockdolager in Cabo, 1 hour before departure for the Marquesas
There’s a transformation that happens when a sailboat gets underway, especially in the open ocean. The comfortable teak-paneled cabin we’re happy to spend cozy evenings in while at anchor morphs from “home” to something else. The boat comes awake as a creature of wind and swell, demanding our cooperation and rewarding us if we do it right. he business of sailing is movement: Sails drawing air like canvas lungs pull us forward, formerly inert cordage subtly saws itself across whatever’s in the way, blocks creak, water swishes and gurgles as our hull cleaves it, and waves traveling five thousand miles from the Aleutians casually lift us across their backs, then hurry off to the southern ocean. Clouds approach and recede, signaling changes over the horizon. The sun comes and goes, as does the moon. The stars circle us.

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