Preview: Dire Strait — An Excerpt from As Long As It’s Fun, by Herb McCormick

A noteworthy book has been released recently — As Long As It’s Fun — the new biography chronicling the lives and voyages of OCH Guides Lin and Larry Pardey.

We thought you’d appreciate an excerpt, contributed as a guest post for OCH by the book’s author Herb McCormick (Senior Editor at Cruising World Magazine).

Preface — Dire Strait

ERNEST HEMINGWAY once wrote that there are two ways to go broke: “Gradually and then suddenly.” The same could be said of most shipwrecks. On a bleak, black evening off the coast of Argentina in February of 2002, the phrase also would have described Lin Pardey’s emerging awareness that the situation aboard the wooden 29-foot yacht TALEISIN, which she sailed with her husband, Larry, was crossing a bridge from uncomfortable and bothersome to dangerous and terrifying. It sneaked up on her like a slasher in a horror flick. Alone on watch, she’d felt uneasy but mostly in control. A few heartbeats later, she was swimming upstream against waves of panic.

Lin & Larry Pardy's 29' Yacht Talesin

That’s when she’d seen the rocks, dead ahead, out of nowhere, and had thrown the tiller over hard, whirling the boat into a hairpin turn. Down below, the wicked spin flipped her sleeping spouse from his bunk, and almost instantly Larry was on deck. His hair and beard, now flecked with gray, were tousled. But his mind was fully engaged.

What the hell’s wrong?” he screamed, gaining his bearings in the inky night.

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