Preview: Mixing and Using Shellac and Bedding Compound

 The use of specific types of paint, sealants, and adhesives in our shop is ever changing—based on what has worked, and what might have worked better. The ability to disassemble the structure for repair has influenced our methods more and more, as well as a desire to avoid the messiest and most toxic of procedures.

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6 Responses So Far to “Mixing and Using Shellac and Bedding Compound

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    Charlie McLaughlin says:

    Similar to sealing the surface with plastic film as an oxygen barrier….Somewhere I heard tell of a practice said to discourage skinning of left over paint after use. Before you put the lid on the can, arrange a tiny candle so it floats on the paint. Light candle. Close lid. If promoting oxygen deprivation works for paints, maybe it would for other products which skin over. I suspect this idea is probably already well known. In fact, I may be the last to hear of it. Remove candle before shaking product next time.

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    John Carlson says:

    Thanks Harry. I too do the pine tar linseed oil mix for the same reason. Spreadability, and possible added longevity.Besides, any excuse to use Pine Tar in anything, can’t be a bad thing. I like American Rope and Tars product. Always delicious!

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    Doug Fowle says:

    I’ve had good luck with scraping down the insides of the can and then tamping down the surface until it is fairly smooth. Then I cover it with small clear piece of thin plastic bag. As you press this onto the top of the compound you can chase the air bubbles out from under the edges. This seems to work well, especially when I write my name on the side of the can and keep it away from others.

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    Stephen Kessler says:

    Mixing the Dolphinite with boiled linseed oil and turpentine seems to do the trick as well, at least in my limited experience.

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    Howard Sharp says:

    Great ideas, Harry, especially as I start to uncover the mysteries of non-epoxy construction.

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      Georg Hinteregger says:

      Thanks for the recipe for modifying bedding compound. I have resorted to opening the can of old skun over stuff from the bottom with a regular can opener to get at the last of the smooth troweling stuff. Those “hard bits of skin” that form rather quickly have always been an annoying aspect to this otherwise wonderful product.