Preview: A Good Boat and a Great Client — The RAVEN Project

May 8, 2014

Avatar Geoff Kerr

One of the joys of this trade is a working on an unusual project with a great client. The client’s qualifications are of paramount importance though, because “vision” and means don’t necessarily produce a great project.

Three years ago the stars aligned and a long-time good friend David Conard brought me such a job. He had enthusiastically imagined Doug Hylan’s BIG BEN GARVEY tricked out as an SUV: robust, speedy and tricked out for adventure, sunset cruises, and harbor launch duties.


To help you understand David’s quest, take a look at the basic design, straight from Doug’s plans. The boat pictured was built for Dale Davenport, who lives in the Shenandoah mountains in Virginia. His needs were for a versatile camp cruiser with loads of space for gear and a tent. After years of adventuring in a Caledonia, I think Dale decided he wanted to be able to make faster beer nd ice runs.

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