Preview: Why Attempt the Northwest Passage? One Woman’s Inspiration and Goals

May 10, 2014

Avatar Ellen Leonard

Growing up on the BC coast inspired my love of the ocean

I’ve been fascinated with the ocean ever since I was a toddler playing in tide pools in British Columbia.  Really I was fascinated with the whole outdoor world: the cedar trees I climbed, the eagles that nested near our house, the deer our dog would chase.  But the ocean was special.  I’d spend hours snorkeling over starfish and anemons and forget I was shivering with cold.  When gales blew into the bay I’d stare out the window at the white-crested waves.  And once I had learned to sail I was lost.  I think it took me about a day to realize that if I sailed far enough, all the land would disappear and there would only be ocean as far as I could see.  From the time I was eight years old, there was nothing I wanted to do more.

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