Preview: DIY Vise Block; A Useful Gizmo For Clamping

Vise Block for Clamping angled wood pieces

Vise Block for Clamping angled wood pieces

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8 Responses So Far to “DIY Vise Block; A Useful Gizmo For Clamping

  • Avatar

    Bill Perkins says:

    Thanks for sharing that . I’ll definitely make one up .

  • Avatar

    John Stuart says:

    Neat trick! You’ve just added a patternmaker’s vice to my shop for the price of a peice of scrap.

  • Avatar

    Dave Johnson says:

    This vice (made in China) is available at I bought one and it is well worth the price. I have mine attached to a piece of plywood and clamp it to the work bench or building frame or wherever I need it.

  • Avatar

    Gregg Teasdale says:

    Much better than shims. Great tip, thanks!

  • Avatar

    Tom Speyer says:

    Thanks! This definitely falls into the category of “why didn’t I think of that years ago??”

  • Avatar

    Clyde Davis says:

    Perhaps extendable to C clamp use with a socket to house the clamp’s screw pad instead of the pictured apex, hopefully not limited to the pad’s articulation. Deeper socket? I’ll experiment. Thanks yet again Mr. Bryan!