Preview: 173-Year-Old Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Comes to Vineyard Haven

Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Arrives in Vineyard Haven

Any time one of Mystic Seaport Museum’s major vessels is moved there is considerable angst in the administration and those of the Shipyard staff who are responsible for the care and conservation of the Museum’s historic watercraft collection.   Moving the CHARLES W. MORGAN – a National Historic Landmark and America’s oldest documented ommercial vessel (USS CONSTITUTION is America’s oldest documented warship) — carries with it additional mental stress and emotional duress even if the vessel’s movements are confined to the Mystic River between her berth and the Museum’s shipyard. Only after the MORGAN is secure in her new location does anyone breathe a sigh of relief.

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13 Responses So Far to “173-Year-Old Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Comes to Vineyard Haven

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    james york says:

    Aah the magic of old square riggers…. Wonderful……

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    lou llaneza says:


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    Ben Mendlowitz says:

    Yes indeed, Kip is the captain for all of this summer’s sailing. He brought her into Boston yesterday where she is tied up just astern of the Constitution for a few days.

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    Ben Mendlowitz says:

    It was nice to meet you too Jack, and thank you for the kind words. I was very glad I made the crash trip down to the Vineyard to photograph the Morgan arriving through Vineyard Sound and being greeted by the great fleet of boats that call Vineyard Haven home. We hope to put together a more complete video on the Morgan, with a bit of the inside story from Maynard who was involved with her early on at the Seaport during the Waldo Howland years. Also thanks to Ginny for reminding us all of the contribution Waldo made over the years to the boats we love.

  • Avatar

    Jack Stone says:

    Ben, the pictures you provide reflect a strong sense of feel and make’s one believe they are in the moment with you!! Thanks for all that and the peaceful time I spend seeing the world through your lens and framed with your skill. And it was great to meet you finally.


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    Carolyn & Ron Pease says:

    The sailing of the Morgan video sent chills up my spine. To all who were responsible for this wonderful event , thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!

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    Ginny Jones says:

    Waldo Howland (a long time supporter and trustee of the Museum) would have reveled in the arrival of the MORGAN back in New Bedford. He was, for many years the heart and soul of the Concordia Company.

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    George Johnson says:

    Had the pleasure of boarding “The Morgan” a few years ago. Our Ship (USS Henrico) had our reunion in Mystic. Interesting to see how the Whaler’s lived back in those days and being gone from home for 3 or 4 years. Glad to see some wind in her sails!!
    Geo. Johnson

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    Hank Kennedy says:

    Wonderful !!! It makes my day. Kudos to the videographer. And to the Clerk Of Weather.

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    Larry Wangerin says:

    Absolutely wonderful and beautiful. Looks like she would have at the beginning of one of those three or four year voyages