Preview: My Favorite Sailing Rig and Why, by Brion Toss

sea_cloud_square rigger

This is an entirely appropriate and reasonable question to ask a rigger. People in my trade spend a lot of time analyzing how different rigs deal with energy. How the overall design harmonizes – or fails o – with the components. There are many materials and configurations to make use of, but it is clear that some of them work better than others, at least in a given context.

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4 Responses So Far to “My Favorite Sailing Rig and Why, by Brion Toss

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    Michael Quigley says:

    For me it’s the balanced !If. I built Jim Michalak’s piccup pram a d went with the larger version of the rig. Takes a little while to get the hang of trimming it properly but once you do it’s feels like magic and your along for the ride. It can be a little I intimidating but I like your analogy to a good friend. A good friend is not one you control and conquer it’s someone you trust and respect their strengths.That’s the balanced lug and sailing in general.

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    terry brower says:

    Just started reading Brion’s book “Rigger’s Apprentice”. Not just a dry text book but one filled with a good mix of wit and wisdom. A very good read.

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    Dirk Faegre says:

    A most truthful answer to the question …. “it all depends on context”.

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    C Douglas Walling says:

    Sooo glad you guys did the interview with Brion . He and his “Spar Talk” blog members were extremely helpful with the advice I needed to fabricate a new mast while away from home , in Singapore .
    Nice pics to go along with Brion’s story Ben , keep up the great work with OCH