Preview: My Favorite Sailing Rigs and Why, by Iain Oughtred

February 5, 2015

Avatar Iain Oughtred

Do I have a favorite rig? Well, it depends what kind of a boat are we talking about, where it’s sailed, what the prevailing weather is, how experienced the skipper and crew are, and what the mooring and/or launching situation is. In the following, I will be thinking mostly of open centerboarders up to around 20′ overall, which is what I mostly work with.

Balanced Lug Rig

Illustrations © Roger Barnes

The BALANCED LUG rig offers a fine combination of simplicity in setting up and handling, with relatively safe, manageable, and efficient operation.With its unstayed mast we are able to set sail very quickly.You simply drop the mast in its step, hook up the halyard and downhaul, hoist away, and you’re off. It’s ideal if you just have half an hour for a quick sail.

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