Preview: Ask Her to Dance – The Music & Soul of Off Center Harbor


We get so many compliments about the music on OCH videos, I thought I’d take you behind-the-scenes and share a song and a story with you (the song is below).

Walt Wilkins, a renowned Texas songwriter, was visiting us this week in Brooklin. Walt’s been Off Center’s soulful music guide since the beginnig, and I was exploring new music with him during his stay.

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20 Responses So Far to “Ask Her to Dance – The Music & Soul of Off Center Harbor

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    Don Marshall says:

    Thanks for the song and story. Every time I went aboard K’an she asked me to dance. A wonderfully expressive metaphor that speaks to love – of ocean, boat, and life
    Don Marshall (former owner)

  • Avatar

    Peter Tomasi says:

    Reminds me of a line or two from Buddy Holly’s “Everyday:”
    “Every day it’s a-goin’ faster
    Every one says ” Go ahead and ask her…”

  • Avatar

    Joe DiDomenico says:

    I ditto everyone above. Thanks for being.

  • Avatar

    Norman Palmer says:

    An old salt, desert-bound, I enjoy your articles and videos. I miss my days on the water.
    While in training at Merchant Marine Base at Sheepshead Bay, N.Y. I had the opportunity to spend two weeks on the Vema,a three master, carrying a lot of canvas.

  • Avatar

    scott hitt says:

    what a wonderful song …. excellent!

  • Avatar

    Ahoi Mench says:

    You people do such a great job, I could stay all day just following links, and the music is a big part of it. This is soulful stuff. Thank you.
    Klasse Spidsgatter Pia.

  • Avatar

    Robert Boyden says:

    I teared up too – several times. Buying a boat is the big one although I think we ask the boat to dance every time we step over the rail to go aboard. So to is the first dance the big one but in intimacy, every dance counts. Michael and Walt’s son both took a risk. Who’s was bigger? Walt’s son wins hands down.

    OCH is awesome.

  • Avatar

    Bernie Conrd says:

    Just returned after spending 6 weeks on our trawler Blue Heron, enjoying cruising and friends in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Great to catch up on the latest video’s and songs. They keep getting better.
    Now off to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show.
    Thank You

  • Avatar

    Warren A. Wheaton says:

    Great song! Loved it and what it represents. Anxious to meet Grayling!

  • Avatar

    Ray Vosper says:

    Way to go you old bunch of softies!
    Thanks to all.

  • Dave Bruce

    Dave Bruce says:

    My autumn, ’12, travels to mid-Maine coast, a short visit to your office and talk with Maynard about Nat’s Aida …….. for an Alaska-bred shipwright, a dream come true, a dance extraordinaire along that hallowed coastline.

    I am so very grateful for all your beautiful work at OCH ……. you folks are BEST! Thanks :-)

  • Avatar

    Walter Allan says:

    Can’t wait for the video – audio meld, Steve. Keep up the great work.
    ~Walt (not that one, the other one)

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    All of OCH’s music has been a delight. A perfect accompaniment to your visuals. As always, with great appreciation. Will OCH be represented at the upcoming Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival?

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hey John. Yep. Eric and I will be there in PT for the festival. I’ll be in Victoria and wandering up the BC coastline in between. We won’t have a booth but will host a happy hour Saturday at 4:30. Stand by for details. Steve

      • Avatar

        Bob Peterson says:

        Steve, Since stumbeling across the OCH crew at PT three years ago, you have been a large part of my life. I would love to see you again at the happy hour if it will be open to members.
        Bob Peterson

        • Steve Stone

          Steve Stone says:

          Hey Bob. For sure. It’ll be at 4:30pm Saturday on Pygmy Boats’ porch. See ya there and thanks for the kind words.

  • Avatar

    Lamar White says:

    Right On, Steve!
    Right On, Walt!
    Right On, Maynard! (for tearing up, too)
    Right On, Michael.
    As well as the whole OCH crew.
    You guys are onto something wonderful.
    I deeply appreciate your work.