Preview: The ‘How, Why & Where’ of the Stone Houseboat

January 8, 2016

Steve Stone Steve Stone

NOTE: This is continuation of my earlier post: Dreaming of a Houseboat and a Simple Life.

* * *

“Simplicity afloat is the surest guarantee of happiness”.

That’s our favorite quote from L. Francis Herreshoff — romantic, isn’t it?

In today’s frantic world, it becomes hypnotic for me to think of a quiet little place away from it all, where a simple life afloat is all tidy and neat. It’s a curious condition, fantisizing about such things.

One beautiful image of a house afloat can set my imagination spinning, and from a distance it seems so simple and easy.


Look at all the possible anchorages close to Brooklin, each new cove as stunning as the last.

Shack Anchorges

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